Dental Implants

Dartmouth Dental Implants

Dartmouth Dental ImplantProbably one of the most important breakthroughs in modern dentistry, Dental Implants are artificial roots that replace natural roots of teeth. Usually made of titanium and titanium alloys, they are surgically placed through the gums and into the bone of the upper or lower jaws. Once placed and after a few months of healing (called osseointegration), prosthetic devices such as crowns, bridges, partial dentures and complete dentures can be attached to the implants with excellent stability and retention. This gives patients superior function and esthetics not possible before. Clerk Prosthodontics in Dartmouth offers a wide variety of Dental Implant services.





Dental Implants-Retained Crowns:

Similar to conventional Crowns, but they can be fabricated to be screwed into place or cemented. They are the ideal solution for replacing single missing teeth.


Dental Implants-Retained Bridges:
Implant BridgesSimilar to conventional bridges, they are used to replace 2 or more missing teeth and can even be used to restore an edentulous arch or the entire mouth. They can be screw or cement retained also. Now, patients have other options other than complete and partial dentures to replace missing teeth.




Dental Implants-Retained Partial Denture:

Implant Retained Partial Denture New PhotoSimilar to conventional partial dentures, this option is great for patients who do not mind wearing removable prostheses but want the added security of increased retention that only implants can offer.







Dental Implants-Retained Complete Denture:

Implant Overdenture
Also called Overdentures, they are very similar to conventional dentures, except they are connected to implants giving far superior retention and stability. In fact, an upper denture can be fabricated with an open or closed palate depending on the number of implants used.




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