Complete and Partial Dentures

Complete Denture:

Complete_Denture_AnimatedA Complete Denture is a removable dental prosthesis that replaces the entire dentition and associated structures of the upper (maxillae) or lower (mandible) jaw

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In these cases, a patient may have lost all of their natural teeth due to processes such as dental caries (cavities) or periodontal disease (disease of the gums and bone supporting the teeth).  Complete dentures sometimes are a patient’s best and/or only option if factors such as health or finances preclude implant treatment.

It is well known that most patients can get along quite well with a complete upper denture (CUD) vs. a complete lower denture (CLD). Most patients have difficulty with a CLD and it has been proposed that a 2 implant Overdenture should be considered the minimum level of standard of care.

Partial Denture:

Partial denturesA Partial Denture is a removable dental prosthesis that restores one or more but not all of the natural teeth and/or associated parts and that is supported in part by natural teeth, dental crowns, abutments, or other fixed partial dentures and/or the mucosa. 



Disclaimer: All photo’s displayed on are official cases completed by Dr. Michael Clerk and his team. Patient consent was given for each and every photo displayed.